In light of recent events making clear the vaccum of political leadership in core issues of importance to many Americans - a vaccum widely observed and noted in many national radio talk shows - the Valley Forge Initiative is now established for the purpose of halting and reversing the long series of retreats on various political and cultural fronts on these fundamental values and ideals as detailed in our Declaration and summarized here:
Freedom of Conscience
To restore the rights and protections of the freedom of conscience afforded each American as established by the First Amendment in regards to free speech, including the right to participate in the marketplace without regard to one’s exercise of their First Amendment protections.
Citizenship & Rule of Law
The preservation and protection of what it means to be a citizen and a nation of laws, as well as the proper prerogatives of citizenship; and the democratic right of citizens to determine through the legislative process the nature of their laws and the use of their tax dollars without judicial intervention that violates those rights.
The Duality of Humankind
The affirmation that man and woman are two equal, different, complementary and necessary real halves of humankind, essential to the full human experience; and the special hallowed burden and unequaled responsibility borne by the physical expression of love that is found in the sexual union of one man and one woman, and the affirmation of all the implications thereof.
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