The Valley Forge Initiative Declaration
July 21, 2015

In recent days, and years, we have seen the core tenets of our beliefs put to the test, come under withering and unceasing assault, and endure retreat after retreat, with seemingly no one to truly speak or act on our behalf.

Though we know ourselves to be many, everywhere we look, from our TV and movie screens to those in our hands, from printed papers to pop culture songs and celebrity awards, we see nothing of ourselves. Were any foreign visitors to judge solely by these omnipresent mediums, they would conclude we hardly exist, except perhaps as objects of ridicule and contempt. The overwhelming majority of our own avowed leaders perennially promise a redemption that never arrives. They just as often come to us with requests for more support for battles they surrender before there is a fight, and a future that they seem intent to continue putting off forever. All the while these same leaders are successfully advancing the progress and fortunes of their powerful friends through the handouts of an ever-growing bureaucratic and unaccountable leviathan. We are constantly asked for money, while year after year all we get is a simmering version of policies that will cook us slowly to death, instead of the full-steam antagonistic rule that, while initially worse, might cause us all to jump out of the boiling pot.

A fundamental core principle of our civilization is now in the hands of those whose openly stated goal is the eradication of our ancient faiths and the individual human freedom of conscience as we have to come enjoy and understand it; and this has come to pass without a vote. Who can fail to see that this will be used as new launching pad to advance a march to where we will not be able to enter the schoolhouse, the courts, or the marketplace, without surrendering all our values at the door. Yet, we seem to have been unable as a people to distinguish between reformation in honest acknowledgment of past errors, and the total abrogation of the Judeo-Christian ethics that made us the people we are, just as we seem to have been left with no one to make our case before the American people.

We are told it is a brave new world of money, where no woman or man can refuse it in the name of their own conscience; where the beautiful and sacred duality of the human species is called a lie; and where the idea of a nation of laws and a responsible citizenry with the right to define its nature and the use of the fruits of its own labor is rendered prostate before the gods of a false compassion.

Such is the state of the country we call home, and so such is it now that we assemble here on this day, and all the days that must follow, and declare without hesitation or apology, before all that may hear us, our full faith in, and affirmation and defense of these beliefs:

That the most essential liberty handed down to us from the Declaration of Independence is the freedom of our hands and minds, and the purpose to which we may put them to work. That outside the soulless contrivance of a corporation or government agency that only exists in law but not in nature, no individual human beings should be forced by law into any labor that is contrary to their most cherished beliefs – religious or not; or be denied the right to earn a living as a price for exercising their freedom of conscience.

That what it means to be a citizen, and a nation of laws, must be preserved in our country for our Constitutional law to survive and serve as a guarantor of liberty for ages to come. That all citizenship, ours as well as that of others, must be respected first and foremost as a supreme claim on one’s legal home, and as a right to determine by vote on the use and disposition of one’s taxes that must remain inviolate from a judge’s decree. That past injustices cannot justify new ones; and that the solemn rights of citizenship cannot be upheld by erasing all its prerogatives and manifestations, nor by placing the choices of immigrating foreign citizens who disregard our laws over those who abide by them.

That man and woman, woman and man are two equal, different, complementary and necessary real halves of humankind, essential to the full human experience. And, while the variety of the human condition calls for the just and fair-minded to allow accommodation for all its benign, and sometimes complex, expressions, we can never deny the special hallowed burden and unequaled responsibility borne by the physical expression of love that is found in the sexual union of one man and one woman.

Thus these truths we hereby proclaim as our faith and our standard to hold high and uphold, without bitterness and without hate, but also without equivocation, timidity or reserve; and so declare here our clarion call to restore them to their rightful place in our land.
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