"Though we know ourselves to be many, everywhere we look, from our TV and movie screens to those in our hands, from printed papers to pop culture songs and celebrity awards, we see nothing of ourselves. Were any foreign visitors to judge solely by these omnipresent mediums, they would conclude we hardly exist, except perhaps as objects of ridicule and contempt."

As pointed out in our Declaration, the large portion of the America that believes and supports in the values and ideals now taken up by the Valley Forge Initiative is not represented at all in any major public medium of communication of cultural ideas, except in Talk Radio and partially in one single cable network.

White: Purity, and our belief in the Declaration of Independence's words that our inalienable rights come from our Creator.
Red: The hardiness and valor of our country and our cause.
The absent (or minimized) blue: The missing vigilance for our rights and justice in our country.

White & Red Day is designed to achieve several objectives:

  1. Provide an easy and simple, but clear way for this ignored part of the American public to make itself visible on its own terms, and not just so others can see them, but so they can see themselves and recognize their kindred spirits everywhere they may be.

  2. Build support, and raise awareness of the reasoning, for the principles spelled out in our Declaration, and not allow the passage of time to let complacency and apathy re-settle itself among the public.

  3. Give people a way to display support, but with the option to avoid wasteful or even dangerous confrontations by simply choosing to what extent they explain, if at all, their colors. If need be, simply say, I just happen to like these colors. If useful, point them to the Valley Forge Initiative for more information.

  4. Finally, to make clear that something is new happening, and this will not be a repeat of what has transpired for the last few years, where each retreat has remained unreversed.

We expect that the first two or three months may see few leading the way on the first few 26ths of each month. But, also expect that as the word spreads, each successive month will see exponential growth, forcing the major new outlets to recognize what everyone can see with their own eyes. We are here, and we are not forgetting what has been done, nor are we settling in to quietly accept the current state of affairs.

We will be few at first, but even the human body made up of trillions of cells starts its life with just one.

REMEMBER: We can keep complaining that no one is acting,
we can ourselves act.
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